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Vickers Vision Systems Nexus 4000 innovaview Automatikus keménys

WEBSTER WH100 Hordozható Webster keménységmérő

WEBSTER WH100 Hordozható Webster keménységmérő
  • Egy kezes használat és könnyű hordozhatóság
  • Terepi keménységmérés alumíniumon, bronz, réz és lágyacél munkadarabokon
  • Vickers, Rockwell és Brinell keménység 
  • WEBSTER_WH100 keménységmérő WEBSTER_WH100 keménységmérő WEBSTER_WH100 keménységmérő
    The INNOVATEST® WH Series hand operated Webster Hardness Testers are portable instruments which can perform on-site hardness testing on aluminium alloys, brass, copper and soft steel. A quick and easy test, the hardness value can be read out directly on the indicator, with a simple clamp. The measuring procedure complies to the American Standard ASTM B647. Suitable for testing aluminium alloy profiles, tubings and sheet materials. Especially suitable for a fast, non destructive quality inspection on the production site. The WH Series hand operated Webster Hardness Testers feature a fast and comprehensive testing method for testing thin, soft materials. There are several models available for different applications and with different measuring capacity. The Webster hardness values can be converted into the commonly-used Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell hardness values.  Each tester is packed in a strong industrial box including all standard accessories such as a set of tools, a hardness standard, and a spare indentor.
    • One hand operation and portability
    • Variety of anvils permits testing a great variance of shapes
    • Simple operation permits readings independent of the operator's skill
    • Test is made by simply applying pressure to the handles until "bottom" is felt
    • Easy-to-read dial indicator with 20 graduations permits use of the tester as "Go" and "No-Go" gauge
    • Standard hardness gauge tests materials up to 13mm in thickness
    Csomagolt tömeg1.55kg
    Csomagolt méretek330mm×255mm×150mm

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