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NEMESIS 9001 Univerzális keménységmérőNEMESIS 9003 Univerzális keménységmérő

NEMESIS 9002 Univerzális keménységmérő

NEMESIS 9002 Univerzális keménységmérő
Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers & HVT, HBT
  • Erőmérőcellás, zárthurkos rendszer
  • Terheléstartomány:3kgf - 750kgf
  • IMPRESSIONS™ felhasználó általi & automatikus videó lenyomat mérő rendszer
  • Nagy felbontású lenyomat megjelenítő rendszer ZOOM-al
  • 6 pozíciós torony 3 behatolótest, 3 objektív számára
  • Beépített ipari PC
  • Hatalmas 15’’-os ipari érintőképernyő könnyen kezelhető felülettel
  • Minden idevágó EN, ISO és ASTM szabványnak megfelel
  • Kiterjedt keménység konverziós adatbázis - bármely skálára, minden anyag esetében
  • Nagy pontosságú mélység mérő rendszer
  • Az eredmények 10 000 file-ban tárolhatóak, file-onként akár 199 értékkel
  • RS-232, videó kimenet, USB-2, LAN csatlakozók
  • Beépített meghajtó programok X-Y tárgyasztalokhoz
  • Maximális próbatest méretek; maximum magasság 300mm, maximum mélység 220mm (középvonaltól számítva)
  • NEMESIS_9002 keménységmérő NEMESIS_9002 keménységmérő NEMESIS_9002 keménységmérő NEMESIS_9002 keménységmérő NEMESIS_9002 keménységmérő NEMESIS_9002 keménységmérő
    NEMESIS 9000™ Series, represents the latest top of the range development on universal hardness testing by Innovatest. Modern designed, innovated technology, multi purpose hardness testing instrument, based on the application of mechatronic components and high resolution video machine vision systems. A superior level of precision combined with High Definition imaging creates an almost unlimited field of applications. The NEMESIS 9000™ Series represents universal hardness testing, in the most versatile meaning of Universal. Aircraft engine parts, automobile parts, production lines, general quality assurance and laboratory use, are all fields covered by the NEMESIS 9000™ Series.Manual operation or full scale automation to the highest possible level are both standard on NEMESIS. NEMESIS 9000™, Load Cell, Closed loop, Force feedback system, to give what is due, in a modern way, with unlimited flexibility, suitable for the following: OPTICAL HARDNESS TESTING METHODS:• Vickers (HV), EN ISO 6507, ASTM E 92• Knoop (HK) ISO 4545, 4546• Brinell (HB) EN ISO 6506, ASTM E 10 DEPTH MEASURING HARDNESS TESTING METHODS:• Rockwell (HR) EN ISO 6508, ASTM E 18• Vickers depth measurement HVT VDI/VDE 2616-1• Brinell depth measurement HBT VDI/VDE 2616-1• Ball indentation hardness (H) (ISO 2039-1) (plastics) Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop, Brinell, Ball indentation, HVT and HBT scales Superior range of testloads/force application ranging from 500gf to 3000kgf (over 3 models) Fixed workpiece position (no spindle) Descending test head with automatic workpiece detection Free definable, manual or motorized 6 position turret for objectives and indentors at choice High Definition INNOVAZOOM™ optical system for images of 0.7 to 1000X magnification PC based INNOVATEST IMPRESSIONS™ hardness testing firmware and database file system, standard Large, adjustable 15’’ industrial touch screen (or mouse with normal 22’’LCD screen at choice) Automatic or manual focus, manual or fully automatic indent measurement, standard Built-in hard disk offers nearly endless file storing, standard LAN, WLAN, USB-2, RS-232, Printer and DVI connectivity, standard On board built-in driver for (optional) motorized X-Y stage, standard Free definable test patterns case depth, traverse, free style, etc., optional Machine covers made of shock, damage and fire proof recyclable materials Large range of optional accessories Large testpiece accommodation H=300mm, D=220mm can be upgraded to a taller frame of for instance H=450mm, D=220mm or 300mm; even years after purchasing the tester 3 years free firmware upgrade, standard Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands, 24 months limited guaranteeNEMESIS has a rigid linear force actuator to move the test head in the required position. This can be done in 3 different ways. Automatic: the test head will decent to the workpiece after pressing the start button. Automatic workpiece position detection. The descending can also be realized in a manual high speed mode or in a manual ‘’focus’’ mode.6 POSITION TURRET, STANDARD ON NEMESISA special feature of the NEMESIS 9000™ is the motorized turret which comes as a standard on each system. The turret can hold 3 different indentors and 3 objectives up to 40X magnification, or 6 different indentors on a PURE ROCKWELL model Combine the turret with an optional X-Y stage, a rotary table or inclination table and create the worlds most comprehensive 4 or 5 axis hardness testing system. Workpiece position is fixed. No handwheels, no difficult supporting and no spindle to carry heavy parts. No wear and tear caused by heavy workpieces. No workload and no additional drive systems required. PROTECTION, SAFETY, ONLINE SYSTEMSNEMESIS 9000™ intelligent sensor systems will register any irregular or unusual force being applied to the turret, and will stop the test head from descending. In this way the system cannot cause injuries. No significant force is applied when any of the objectives are in viewing position. The NEMESIS test head with force actuator, with or without turret, can be used in on-line structures or being integrated in to production lines requiring automatic testing procedures. The newly developed INNOVAZOOM™ optical system allows stunning indent magnification (0.7X to 1000X). IMPRESSIONS 9000™, FIRMWAREIMPRESSIONS 9000™ is the advanced user operating system of the NEMESIS 9000™ Series. The software incorporates, manual and automatic measurement for all scales, image editing, file storing, image storing, report printing, turret operation, manual or automatic focussing and many other advanced functions. The firmware converts to 3 different hardness (and tensile) scales simultaneously. The conversions can be set to material and standard (ISO/ASTM) The system also controls an (optional) X-Y stage, rotary or inclining table that can be plugged into the standard built-in driver of the tester. No additional charges, no external devices. In combination with an X-Y stage the tester offers the option of running case depth hardness programs, pre defined testing patterns and/or other specific or special tasks defined by the user. All data can be copied or exported in to MS applications like Word, Excel, or a report generator that emails test results directly to your workstation, or server. All data can be accessed over the LAN or WLAN connections.ANVILS , TEST TABLES, SPECIAL INDENTORSEach NEMESIS 9000™ is supplied with a standard set of test anvils and worktables. Such set includes 1 V-groove anvil, 1 flat anvil 80mm, 1 large round test table diameter 200mm. Additionally, you can opt for a large range of specific anvils such as a spot anvil, set of V-groove anvils tungsten alloy or diamond surface anvils. The tester can be equipped with a furnace or cooling unit to test workpieces under high or low temperature. Robot workpiece loading and unloading can be supported by the built-in industrial computer. To support large workpieces or cylinder blocks you can opt for the (350mmx250mm) large working stage that incorporates T-grooves for solid workpiece fixing.Flexible working heightsThe NEMESIS 9000™ has a standard working height of 300mm. In case you have larger components NEMESIS is available with different frame heights ranging up to 500mm workpiece height and up to 350mm depth.Ask our sales department for customized options. X-Y STAGES, ROTARY TABLES, INCLINATION DEVICESBeing Universal means being ready for any task. NEMESIS 9000™ can be equipped with a variety of X-Y stages suitable for different applications. Different testforces require different specifications of the X-Y stages. Size, testload and positioning accuracy can be offered according to your particular requirement.CNC rotary tables and inclining test tables are available depending on the complexity of your workpieces. TESTER COLORS The standard color of NEMESIS 9000™ “ABS” covers is ‘’black’’.Your tester can be supplied in any color or paint structure of your choice.INC-1LW Laboratory WhiteINC-2CGM Charcoal Grey MetallicINC-3FR Ferrari RedINC-4BRG British Racing GreenINC-5ABL Atlantic BlueINC-RAL XXXX Any RAL color on demand
    ROCKWELL, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, P, R,VMinden skála
    VICKERS HV3kgf - 120kgf
    KNOOPMinden skála
    HVT50, 100kgf
    BRINELL3kgf - 750kgf
    H (golyó behatolótestű)750 kgf-ig

    Függőleges erő rendszerStandard
    Erőmérő cellás, zárthurkos, erővisszacsatolt rendszerStandard
    Motorikus torony 6 pozícióvalStandard
    Behatolótest helyek3
    Objektív pozíciók3
    LED-es lenyomat világításStandard
    LED körfény lenyomat világításOpcionális
    5 megapixeles INNOVAVIEW ZOOM optikai rendszerStandard
    Automata fókusz beállításStandard
    Manuális fókusz beállításStandard
    Teljesen automata lenyomat mérésStandard
    Manuális lenyomatmérés a kijelzőnStandard
    Teljesen automata lenyomat mérésStandard
    Zoom és nagyítás értéke beállíthatóStandard
    "Dual view" - mérési terület áttekintő kameraOpcionális
    Külső elektronikus Brinnel mikroszkóp és objektívek
    Heidenhain gyártmányú nagy felbontású, optikai rendszerű
    Bépített korszerű ipari PC merevlemezzel (RAID1)
    15"-os ipari érintőképernyőStandard
    MS Windows 7 Ultimate op. rendszerStandard
    IMPRESSIONS 9000™ keménységmérő firmwareStandard
    Automatikus kép és file tárolásStandard
    Akár 3000 file és kép tárolásaStandard
    Akár 9000 file és kép tárolásaStandard
    Forms 9000™ egyedi bizonyítvány készletStandard
    Univerzális, motorikus X-Y tárgyasztal mozgatásStandard
    Digitális (DVI) videó kimenet külső LCD-reStandard
    Külső billentyűzet és egér csatlakozásStandard
    LAN (hálózati csatolakozó)Standard
    WLAN (vezetékmentes, WIFI csatlakozás)Standard
    Nyomtató / USB-2 kimenetStandard

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